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$1,000,000 - Drunk Driver Hits Woman in Cleveland

A large number of legal issues occur when a drunk driver hits a pedestrian. Call us and we will represent your interests.

$1,000,000 - Drunk Driver Hits Woman in Cleveland

This shouldn't happen but when a drunk driver struck a woman, she was awarded compensation.

The FBI reports that over 1,400,000 people were arrested in the United States for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

A large number of legal issues occur when a drunk driver hits a pedestrian.  These issues can be both criminal and civil.  The driver can face serious charges, fines and jail time that may include manslaughter as the crime.

How much compensation can the injured party receive?

Of course it depends on the extent of the injuries.  But generally, lawsuits are intended to compensate for all losses attributable to the accident.  The calculation, however may be more complicated based on:
  • lost wages
  • pain and suffering
  • medical expenses
  • loss of normal life
Pain and suffering and loss of normal life calculations are more complicated. What is the value of chronic neck pain and headaches?  ...what ever the jury thinks is reasonable.

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