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$1,250,000 - Mentor OH - Car Turned Into Him

You have many questions about filing a lawsuit for an auto accident - we handle your case individually and carefully for your maximum benefit.

$1,250,000 - Mentor OH - Car Turned Into Him

Settlement for a motorcyclist in Mentor Ohio.  The man injured his knee and broke his foot when struck by a vehicle that turned in front of him.

"My friend was in a car crash.  The person hit her in the back.  The driver was under the influence of drugs and has numerous criminal charges. Now his insurance wants to settle for $35,000.  After legal expenses will it cover medical bills?  Should we go to court? "

These are typical questions for us.  Our attorneys handle each case personally and individually.  Call to give us more specifics at (216) 771-1144Or schedule a consultation.

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