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If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, odds are you are facing problems you wish you didn’t have. This is a time of stress and heartache for you and your family and you need injury lawyers you can turn to who will protect your rights and fight hard on your behalf.

Since 1986, Gioffre & Schroeder Co., L.P.A. has been serving clients across the state of Ohio. Through the wide array of legal services that we offer, we assist our clients with any legal challenges that they may encounter throughout different phases of life.

Insurance Denial

When your insurance company makes a promise to you, it needs to be kept

We will help hold your insurance company accountable for the promises it has made to you and your family. Some of our clients are almost ignored by their insurance company after an automobile accident.  When you need your insurance company the most, sometimes they seem to do nothing, create delays, send confusing letters, and give confusing answers.

Why do they treat you this way?

An insurance company has no downside when they deny your claim. When your claim is contested, you need a team of lawyers with the experience to go up against their lawyers - and they have plenty.

Gioffre & Schroeder understands the insurance company, your claims, your policy and we know how to back you up and put you on a level playing field.

Restoring your life after an automobile accident takes time and money. It also takes teamwork, a team of people you can depend on for support. We bring professionalism and a high level of concern, compassion, and understanding to every client we have the privilege to represent.

When we work on your case, we understand your stress level is high and we never forget the support you and your family needs.

Let us help!

When you team up with us you can expect the best (Call us today at 216- 771-1144).

  • We can help if you’ve been involved in a single vehicle accident, a multi-vehicle accident, a commercial vehicle accident, a drunk driving accident, or an accident where there has been catastrophic injury or even death.
  • We’ll answer your questions, help you understand where you stand, and look at what we can do together.
  • We will not create unreasonable expectations. We will not exaggerate the merits of your case, fill you up with false hope.
  • When you talk to us, we will listen carefully and assess your situation. Our insight and knowledge we have gathered is our benefit to you and your family.

Gioffre & Schroeder Co., L.P.A.


Our philosophy is to become your lawyer for life. We do this by practicing law with passion and commitment for all of our clients' needs and interests no matter how big or small the case.

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