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Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Ohio

Contact a pedestrian accident lawyer at the Gioffre & Schroeder Law Firm before speaking with anyone from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Insurance adjusters may contact you right away after an accident with a insufficient settlement. Not realizing the true extent of your injuries, can make the offer tempting. Agreeing to a settlement without completing necessary medical treatment could mean you have settled for less than you deserve.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

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In 2017, there were 144 pedestrian fatalities. This represents the highest annual total in the past 10 years+. The stats below represent all of these fatalities:
35 Rural (24%)
109 Urban (76%)

Alcohol/Drug Impairment (29%)

  • 30 involved alcohol and/or drugs suspected for pedestrians (21%)
a. 10 involved pedestrian walking in roadway*
b. 13 involved pedestrian crossing the roadway*
c. 2 involved pedestrian walking on the side of the road

  • 12 involved alcohol and/or drugs suspected for drivers (8%)
a. 5 resulted in hit/skip
b. All 12 located in urban areas

  • 3 fatalities due to driver distraction
  • Hit/skip involvement – 38 fatalities (Driver fleeing scene) (26%)
a. 11 were intersection related
b. 27 non-intersection related

  • Location of Pedestrian Fatalities 36 were Intersection Related (25%)
a. 15 in marked crosswalks (All urban areas)
i. 13 of these, the pedestrian killed was 48 years or older
ii. 1 mid-block crossing
iii. 1 wheelchair crossing in a marked crosswalk
b. 12 in unmarked crosswalks
c. 2 were pedestrians standing on the corner and struck due to a crash at the
d. 2 were near intersections (outside crosswalk areas)
e. 2 were lying in the roadway at intersections

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